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Commercial law is a wide-ranging area of law in which our expert lawyers are ready to skilfully assist in and provide advice in various areas, including but not limited to the following:

  • Sale and Purchase of Businesses;
  • Franchise Agreements;
  • Intellectual Property;
  • Family Trusts & Unit Trusts;
  • Shareholders Agreements;
  • Unitholders Agreements; and
  • Trading Terms documents.

Business sales and purchases

Thinking of selling or purchasing a business? At face value it may seem like a straightforward transaction but in our experience, more often than not, the transaction is complex and requires legal expertise to ensure the transaction is smooth and as stress free as possible for you.   That’s where we come in.

If you are thinking of selling your business we would be happy to help prepare your contract and explain all the terms clearly so you know exactly what you are signing up to and presenting to a purchaser.   In particular we can ensure the following are attended to where necessary:-

  • Discuss an appropriate price breakdown with you and your accountant;
  • Negotiate terms on your behalf with a purchaser;
  • Calculate any adjustments on settlement;
  • Transfer licences, permits, registrations, business names, material contracts etc.;
  • Organise the release of any registered security interests, such as those registered by suppliers of your business; and
  • Assign the lease to the purchaser.

If you are thinking of buying a business we encourage you to let us look over the contract to ensure you understand the contract terms before you sign.  Contracts are legal documents which require strict compliance with the terms.  We can help you understand what the transaction involves and explain the terms which you will be bound by. If you are unhappy with terms, we can even negotiate with a seller to amend such terms.

You should also ensure you are satisfied as to the value of the business and are aware of any risks associated with your purchase.  You can undertake this assessment prior to signing a contract to ensure the business is as it has been portrayed or we can ensure there is a due diligence clause included in the contract so that you may undertake your assessment after signing, and, if you are unsatisfied then you may  exit the contract without penalties or forfeiting your deposit.

We can also provide you with important advice in relation to GST, business structures, permits, registration, licences, review any lease of the business premises, as well as assist you in the due diligence process by undertaking all relevant searches. 

We have the expertise to successfully complete a variety of business sale or purchases, from small or large for corporations or individuals throughout Victoria

Contact one of our expert lawyers today to discuss your business transaction.

Business structures

Deciding on how to structure your business is essential to its success.  In our experience, each client and their business is unique and so we provide tailored advice to each client with their business objectives in mind.

We can provide you with legal advice on the benefits of incorporating a company to run your business or even setting up a trust or partnership.  Specifically, we can advise you on a number of aspects including the benefits or disadvantages of the following:-

  • Unit Trusts;
  • Unit Holder’s Agreements;
  • Shareholders Agreements;
  • Franchise Agreements;
  • Asset protection;
  • Loan agreements;
  • Directors obligations.

If you require no-nonsense expert business advice please contact our office today and we will be happy to assist you in your business needs.

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