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One of the most crucial elements in a criminal case is the police interview.  Often a person’s first contact with Victoria Police is when they are arrested or requested by Victoria Police to attend for an interview.  It is common for people to freely communicate with Victoria Police in an interview setting, however, this can be to your detriment.  It is the law in Victoria that you have the right to silence. That is, if requested by Victoria Police to answer their questions you must state your name and address however you do not have to answer any questions beyond that.

What to do in a police interview

Any information that you freely give in an interview or conversation with a Police Officer can be used as evidence in future Court proceedings.

It is our advice that if you are requested to be interviewed by Victoria Police that you simply state your name and address then answer no comment to any other questions put to you.  This prevents any information that you give being used against you in a Court hearing.  You can contact our firm to receive over the phone advice if you are requested to attend a police station for an interview.

If you have been charged by Victoria Police you should contact our office to have one of our lawyers assess the evidence that Victoria Police have gathered against you. We can then provide you with advice as to the strength or weakness of that evidence.  A criminal case brought against any person is only as good as the evidence that Victoria Police have to put before the Court.  Our lawyers will be able to clearly explain the strength or weakness of the police case against you and provide you with a proposal that is in your best interests.  If the charges against you proceed to Court, our solicitors can represent you in the Magistrates’ Court and County Court in a range of criminal hearings and they will ensure that the most appropriate outcome is achieved in your case.

Please contact our office if you wish to arrange an appointment with one of our criminal lawyers.

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