If you have recently purchased or sold a property through our firm, you are probably already aware of the PEXA Key app. If not, we have provided the below information to help you understand the benefits of using this app.

Emailing your bank details to your Conveyancer or Property Lawyer can be a scary process, and too often we see clients, Real Estate Agents and Law Firms everywhere have their emails hacked, bank account details stolen or altered, and millions of dollars go missing. This app was specifically built to eliminate these risks, allowing you to securely provide your bank details instantly and safely. Additionally, these details are not stored within the app itself, so in the unlikely event that the app itself is hacked, your details are not available to a scammer.

The PEXA Key App also makes it easier for you to keep track and navigate the progress of your settlement. Sometimes as Conveyancers and Lawyers we can get tied down in meetings, long phone calls or with complex matters that have gone sideways, making it hard for us to contact clients as soon as their settlement has finished. This app will send you a notification that your settlement was completed successfully so you don’t need to wait by the phone for your Conveyancer to call.

One of the greatest parts about this app is that it provides checklists, guides, reminders, and To-Do’s in the lead up to your settlement. Such as:

  • when and how to disconnect/connect your gas and electricity;
  • when to start packing;
  • when and how to book a removalist;
  • updating your postal address; and

so much more!

PEXA Key has also partnered with certain retailers that you can access through the app in order to sort out your insurance, gas and electricity accounts for your new and/or existing property.

Downloading and using this app for your settlement is completely optional and is by no means a requirement. However, as a firm, we always recommend our clients to download and use this app throughout the settlement process. Not only to answer any questions regarding the step-by-step process of moving and packing, but also to give you peace of mind that your details are safe and secure.

The PEXA Key app is exclusively available from the Apple and Google Play stores and the best part about it: it’s completely free! You can find out more about PEXA Key on their Website, or if you’re ready to use, learn how to download and set up the app here.

Brittany Beca – Conveyancer
Tessa Hoogerbrugge – Partner