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After spring cleaning your property, the first legal task required when selling a property is to have a Conveyancer/Solicitor/Lawyer prepare a Vendor Statement (Section 32 Statement).  This Vendor Statement is designed to provide any potential purchasers with information about the property to help them decide whether or not to put in an offer.

Your Agent will either contact us on your behalf, or suggest that you contact us directly, to take down the right information to prepare the Vendor Statement.

Once your Agent has negotiated the sale price and any other terms on your behalf, they will prepare a Contract of Sale of Real Estate for you to sign formally accepting the purchaser’s offer.

Getting to this point is exciting and it can be tempting to immediately sign the Contract of Sale of Real Estate as soon as the Agent supplies it to you, however, we strongly recommend that you contact our office before you sign any Contract of Sale of Real Estate to obtain our advice before you get locked in.  Perhaps there are issues you have not considered such as GST/CGT, illegal building works, the consequences of any leases.  Some of these items cannot be fixed after you sign on the dotted line and your sale might be at risk.

Once the Contract is signed, your Agent will supply us with a copy and our experienced staff will attend to arranging a discharge of your mortgage with your bank, an adjustment of the rates, and the distribution of proceeds at settlement.

If you want to have confidence in professional service and a stress-free transaction, contact Wakefield Vogrig & Boote Lawyers to prepare the Vendor Statement on your behalf and see the transaction through to a successful settlement.

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