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Complex Transactions

–¬†Complex Transactions

There are many transactions that are not straight forward, including:-

  • Transfers of family farms;
  • Transfers in and out of superannuation funds/family trusts;
  • Limited recourse loan facilities;
  • Mortgages with private lenders;
  • Transfers between spouses;
  • Sub-sales;
  • Nominations;
  • Lost title applications;
  • Adverse possession applications; and
  • Properties with illegal building works.

These transactions require a high level of legal experience to deal with many potential complications including:-

  • GST consequences;
  • Capital Gains Tax; and
  • Stamp Duty (Land Transfer Duty):-
    • Concessions;
    • Exemptions; and
    • Risks with double duty.

An error in dealing with any of these issues can have serious and costly consequences.  Our experience in these matters can be invaluable.

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