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Intervention Orders in Victoria

Sadly not all relationships end amicably and there are times you need to take steps to protect yourself and your children. An intervention order is a court order designed to protect a person by placing limits on the behaviour of another person. 

Our experienced family lawyers can assist with interventions orders for Gippsland residents and beyond. 

Seek legal advice regarding Intervention Orders

A difficult relationship breakdown can mean that one parent may issue an application against the other parent.  This may be an application they make themselves or that they have the Police apply for on their behalf.  

In some situations, the Intervention Order, previously known as a restraining order, may also list the children as the Applicants of the Intervention Order.   It is imperative that there is a careful reading of the Intervention Order in this situation. 

If you are served with an Intervention Order


It’s imperative if you are served with an Intervention Order that you get good legal advice.


Be clear on what exactly you can and cannot do .


Have a lawyer assist to try to make changes to the Intervention Order in the future.


Have the Order completely set aside so you can spend time with your children.

Legal assistance to defend an Intervention order

If your children are included in an Intervention Order, the Respondent is not allowed to see or go near the children at any time while that Intervention Order is in place.  However, there may be an exception which states that the Respondent can do anything that is allowed within Family Court Orders or written agreement in regards to the children.  

In this case, we can immediately assist by either preparing Consent Orders if there are not any already in force. Or more urgently, prepare a written agreement if the other parent agrees it is safe for visitations to occur times between the Respondent and the children.

If the Intervention Order does not already have an exception allowing for the Respondent to see the children in regards to Family Court Orders or written agreement about the children, then at the next available court date we can seek to have the Intervention Order varied so that that is included, so that the time with the children can immediately recommence.

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